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The same thing happens with many other symbols defined in the D3DX9 unit. This problem is present in build 2738, but not in 2728.

Open the dproj in a text editor to verify the Image Base was added to the project3. In the Project Manager, right click Project1, and Save.5. QC Entry 21257[Help Update](Simple Example) 1, Open up any personality 2. Hit F1 ---- Expected Behavior I see TObject only for that Personality (Annoying Example) 1. With the breakout of the help installer into a separate procedure, this is no longer true of the help install - The installer and 7zip files for the help system are downloaded to c:\documents and settings instead.

Re open the dproj in text editor, notice the Image Base was removed.----ORIGINAL---------------Situation A:1. Because of this, If I use the install image on the network to install to several workstations, each of the workstations must face a lengthy download of the help system files.

(Don't forget to fix the source files when you are done) Choice of files isn't significant -- just something to generate lots of errors... Ki User Exception Dispatcher 0xf:77deb6a3 ; ntdll.dll:77dcee57 ntdll. Manual editing of the DPK file can resolve the problem. 8: Again, Project/Build Package 1 EXPECTED: Builds ok. The design time complained about a component already in the design time package and proposed to remove the unit.

Up-to-date XP 2 Gigs Memory 3.4 Gig Pentium D (so two processors)Error Insight has shows an error for code involving calling convention directives.(JJS: See related compiler issue 238688)// Francois Piette 20Still in build 2804.9245 (RAD Studio 2007)Still in build 2825.9366_VCL_Update.8Load the attached program into the IDE as a Win32 app. Ki User Exception Dispatcher 0xf:2000a204 Unregister Module $00ac6e ; C:\Windows\Sys WOW64\rtl100.bpl:77dfa664 ntdll. ACTUAL: Build fails, with error:- [DCC Error] E2161 Warning: Duplicate resource: Type 2 (BITMAP), ID 1; File C:\Users\Roddy\Documents\RAD Studio\Projects\dcrbug\Unit1resource kept; file C:\Users\Roddy\Documents\RAD Studio\Projects\dcrbug\Unit1resource discarded. I asked to see the details in the remove dialog box, then clicked OK to accept removing. QC Entry 42271 and also 42274It looks like it is not related at all to the attached code.

setting, All character type filed (include CLOB, CHAR and VARCHAR) are able to contain any character.

Oracle server Where clause is not able to use parameterized value if a target field is "Char" type. Customer is reporting that the TSQLConnection component seems to have a memory leak. Form Close(Sender: TObject; var Action: TClose Action);begin SQLConnection1. Apply Resources(Object value, String object Name, Culture Info culture) at System. Apply Resources(Object value, String object Name) at Borland. There are other links that don't work Backfish SQL documentation is incorrect : page not found Eco documentation is incorrect: page not found[QC Short Description]Vista problems with XML Data Binding Wizard[QC Description]The Delphi 2007 XML Data binding wizard tries to write to the program files folder (C:\Program Files\Code Gear\RAD Studio.0\bin\). You get the following error dialog:---------------------------Error---------------------------Unable to write to C:\Program Files\Code Gear\RAD Studio.0\bin\---------------------------OK Details [QC Short Description]Duplicate DEBUG/RELEASE defines[QC Description]After using the "Default" checkbox on "Project Options", whenever a new project is created it has a duplicate define DEBUG that stays even when switching to RELEASE options. Press Ctrl F4 and see access violation Expected: After closing of last unit this window should disapear. --- I shouldn't have to scroll through 40 items that don't relate to my personality to find the "open" call I want. invoking Rename on Param1 from the implementation for the procedure will also not rename the parameter in the declaration of the procedure.[QC Short Description]When selecting a Newsfeed, the displayed dates of items are about a month in the future Example: Code Gear Developer Days June 2007 - The Replays C Builder, Delphi 2007 for Win32, Delphi for PHP and Inter Base technical sessions Posted on: Sunday, 29 July 2007Code Gear - Delphi for Win32 - TRY IT NOW! Then, if we try to create 1 more connection, AV occurs. sshaughnessy: I looked at this and was able to launch 8 Data Explorer before getting the proper error message. In Vista this only works if the user has launched Delphi as admin.. QC Entry 433051) New project 2) Project Options, Directories/Conditionals, Check the "Default" check box and click OK 3) Close all 4) New project 5) Project Options, Directories/Conditionals: duplicate DEBUG appears in "Debug" options; DEBUG; RELEASE show in "Release" options. After saving image base to another value, save project and close.2. Actual : This gray window stay in screen and it looks quite bad.[QC Short Description]Help needs to use Personality for Search Filter[QC Description]Help is supposed to be helpful, I should not have to scroll massive lists of unrelated help just because the IDE doesn't bother to pass what personality should be used for the filter. e DM for Delphi 2007 for Win32Posted on: Sunday, 29 July 2007QC Entry 48365[QC Short Description]ESD Help installer & 7zip files installed to bad location - prevents network install[QC Description]When the ESD installer stub is used to install Highlander, it downloads the instal 7zip files to a location of the user's choice, then unzips them into the Documents and settings\all users directory and continues installation from there. The code is giving 4 more connections than it should. This release is both a bug fix release and also contains the early XML Schemas structures and datatypes code, beware, all interfaces are likely to change, there is huge holes, it is clearly a work in progress and don't even think of putting this code in a production system, it's actually not compiled in by default.

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