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Maggie is fine with this arrangement..her boyfriend (guest star James Marsden) seems to like Fran better! Grace runs away from home-to Fran's mother's apartment.They then go off to a family wedding, where Fran promises Grace that she "doesn't get paid extra for loving her." She then threatens to beat C. up if she "ever hurts her kids again." The Butler, the Husband, the Wife and Her Mother Fran's wealthy and obnoxious cousin comes to town, bragging about her great life.The Nanny Fran Fine works at a bridal shop with her best friend Val, and her boyfriend.

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Fran and Val tell him about a boy in their middle school who was the coolest kid around-he smoked, drank, and even had tattoos. Fran realizes that the problem is her fault, and fears Brighton will turn her in..he goes against character and keeps the secret.

It just may mean that the children are beginning to like Fran!

It is not meant to discourage you from the path that you are on, but rather make you more aware of your surroundings before you jump headlong into trouble.

This is a call to rationally consider your choices in a mature way.

Fran goes home, only to be rehired when Maxwell Sheiffield [the father] wants to give her another chance.

Guest Starring: James Marsden as Eddie Smoke Gets in Your Lies Brighton seeks popularity at school.

Fran changes back into "Nanny-mode" and turns the boring party into a great time.

The Nuchslep Maxwell won't let Maggie go on a date without supervision so Fran is forced to go. takes the kids on a trip to the zoo to prove that she is just as motherly as Fran. When Grace points out that Fran is always fun to be with, C. nastily tells her that Fran only likes the children because she is paid to do so.

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