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I saw the long lines of restless customers with only 2 registers open.

I put back your merchandise and informed your greeter that this was a bad way to run a business!

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I’ve been going to the Hilton for over 15 years for my grandson’s Birthday sleep overs. Politics is politics, business keeps the lights on.

All my massages and my birthday day’s and every year for Mother’s Day Brunch & Thanksgiving Brunch. Upon recovery I was referred to this dealership for repair. Life happens one of the replaced parts came unattached I retrieved the part brought it back to the service center. Reply [email protected] Tripadvisor is a contributory to Fox News, Laura Ingraham.

And this is the first time in all my 15 yrs that this has every happen and when I bring All 8 Of my sister’s. Sincerely, Lorene Cheatwood Reply This email is directed to Mr. This name was given to me at the Freedom Dealer on Camp Wisdom Rd. April 17, now I am thinking these repairs are covered under some kind of warranty. Ms Ingraham has tried to humiliate David Hoag, a young man trying to help saves lives of America’s children.

I’m very disappointed in Trip Advisor for supporting Ingraham cause.

Sly Reply You’ve now ignored my complaint about the slanderous, false personal information on this website.

You aren’t even professional enough to send a response acknowledging receipt of the complaint.

We have a total of 475 stores in 43 states and Washington, DC. * URGENT * * URGENT * * URGENT * * URGENT * * URGENT * * URGENT * * URGENT * The phone number listed for Fashion Nova (// is my personal cell, I am in no way affiliated with this company.

Can you just say we have nearly 500 stores or more than 470. Please update the phone number to the customer service line on their website – 1 (800) 866-0286.

Reply Bought a box of Chicken in a Biscuit and the box has less than a quarter of contents…. I understand for quality but thats over kill and was a waste of my money…. Reply After 8 years with Siriusxm we are done with them. I can’t remember the exact date, but we got a bill from Siriusxm for roughly .00. He called and told them to take their .00 out of what WE PAID FOR A YEAR, and refund us the rest of the money.

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