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In addition, pornography gives the brain an unnatural high.

In a recent TEDx talk, physiology teacher Gary Wilson explained that when men look at porn, they experience surge after surge of dopamine in the brain.

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Or you just use the dating site (see the next section) where you don’t have that language and shyness barrier.

It’s not an easy choice, but here are my personal 5 favorite places or ways to meet Thai girls for sex in the capital: If you want to meet girls in Bangkok who are not mainly interested in your money, then you can do like most of the expats (me included) and also more and more tourists do, and use Thai Cupid.

But of course, these are not the main reasons why we all love Bangkok so much. The best thing about Bangkok is that it’s the perfect place to meet attractive girls for sex.

You can find all of the above mentioned benefits in other cites, too, like Kuala Lumpur. I don’t know any other city where you have a bigger choice of both hookers and “normal” girls in the everyday life.

The great thing about Thai Cupid is that you can find all different sorts of girls on there – young and cute student girls who want their first Farang boyfriend, naughty Robinson chicks who are looking for a gik, sophisticated office ladies who are looking for serious relationships, and of course also some freelancers who would come to your room right away for “short time” if you agree to give them a thousand Baht afterwards.

The beer bars are the most popular hangout place for foreigners in Bangkok.Cambridge Neuropsychiatrist Valerie Voon was featured last year in the UK documentary .Her research demonstrates that the brains of habitual porn users show great similarity to the brains of alcoholics.And then, if you feel like you want to have sex with her, then you can pay her bar fine (500-800 Baht) and take her to your hotel for short time (1,000-1,500 Baht) or long time (1,500-2,500 Baht).The next place to meet girls for sex in Bangkok are the go go bars of Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza and Patong.With each sexual embrace you are emotionally bonding to this person (oxytocin and vasopressin).

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