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(Access to Ultra match )---- not to sure what thats about, but sounds like that might be worth it, maybe i can search more with more details as in what im looking for. (See if my e-mail were read or deleted) --- i can live without that which i have been since they took that way.

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I'm paying the membership fee for any of them that give you "more exposure" in one way or another.

For example, this site shows paid members first on the "Meet Me" apparently, so any slight amount of exposure I get from more women seeing my profile from that is worth the paltry monthly fee in my opinion. Part of the problem is that a lot of women don't even bother searching for guys, since they have such a ridiculous avalanche of mail every day.

And no the upgrade here does not make you look more serious to anyone with an ounce of sense.

Your basically paying for what everyone gets for free.

Just my opinion but I wouldn't recommend paying if your expecting more messages here.

Cowboy I don't have a paid membership, but I thought I'd toss this out there, however silly it sounds (and I'm not sure how many other women feel the same way).

Replies are based 90 percent on your PICS and PROFILE not your messages.

Being online multiple different times a day can get your pic displayed in the top row of pics above your inbox and may well generate more profile views.

I don't know what searches differently means but if it means that the paid members just show up first, then I would pay for that. There is no real need to see if they read your messages or not.

Either they will respond to the message or they won't.

Whether they read it or not, if they do not respond then they ain't no! when i see that in guy's profiles, i don't bother hitting em up if they hit me up. there's much better things than an online profile upgrade! The main advantage appears to be additional exposure, maybe slightly better search funcitons.

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