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I slightly opened the door to see what’s happening.

What I saw that Akanksha is sitting besides Gaurav holding his hand. I thought to go out and break the momentum but I don’t know why but I wanted to see what’s going to happen next and stood near door to see what’s happening.

In the next move Gaurav removed my wife’s bra and started playing with her boobs.

He removed all his cloths and Akanksha was staring her large penis.

As there was dark in room so nobody could see me but I could see them in full light.

I noticed that she moved her hand over her pants to touch his penis and next moment they started kissing.

I laid down on bed and around after 1 hour I woke up and felt that Akanksha has not come yet, it was around 2 am.

I thought they are still chit chatting and having drinks.She asked me if I am comfortable than only she will tell me and would luv her always. That guy came and started applying oil on her body. He lowered down her panty a bit and started massaging her back.While massaging his hands were touching her panty, she said pain is more on lower side and signalled towards her buttock.He removed Akanksha’s panty and now my wife was full nude in front of my friend.Before 5 days she was even not knowing him much and in now she was all nude without any shame.He caught her by her head and pushed towards his penis. He was stroking in her mouth, it looked like he is fucking her mouth.

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