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It is, in fact, hard to imagine the argument that racial or sexual orientation discrimination in places of public accommodation is harmless and should be protected as individual and/or religious “liberty,” but a shared restroom and gender pronouns that Shapiro dislikes are harmful.

It is arguably more harmful to treat someone who presents herself as a woman and wishes to be named and addressed as such, as a man.

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Yet that appears to be what Shapiro would do if he had to interact with trans people, and what he seems to suggest everyone should do, because of science.

Yet people sometimes cite science when they are trying to justify their own oppressive behavior. As a former Orthodox Jew myself, I wonder how much Shapiro’s fidelity to Orthodox Judaism, rather than to science, accounts for his opposition to trans people.

Over the last few years, I have puzzled over the refusal of some people to refer to trans men as men and trans women as women. Those of distinct political orientations may have different rationales.

Some self-described feminists argue that people raised as males cannot be women because being a woman entails having grown up enduring a particular kind of societal mistreatment and subordination that trans women have not endured.

If you cannot find a gay baker, he jokes, then he wishes you good luck (whatever that means).

One of the ideas that conservative libertarians like Shapiro seem to hold is that “men” should not go around expecting people to call them women.According to this anti-trans perspective, calling oneself female as a trans may fall into the same general category as ; it could be a type of “girlface,” parallel to blackface.Another reason that some feminists have offered for resisting assertions of trans female identity is that the identity may appear to suggest that particular traits necessarily belong to women, while others necessarily belong to men.Their opposition to trans identity comes from a commitment to anti-subordination and equality.There are others, however, who feel strongly about opposing trans identity, and they seem quite comfortable with the way our society divides roles and expected traits between males and females. To find out the answer (or at least an answer) to this question, I listened to Ben Shapiro talk about politics, people, and progressives on his own and one other podcast.Indeed, boys with “feminine” traits can sometimes confront bullying and harassment that is harsher than what their similarly “feminine” female classmates experience.

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