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She is the grand-daughter of Vic Palmero and Emilina Palmero.

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George Lopez, in full George Edward Lopez, (born April 23, 1961, Mission Hills, Los Angeles, California, U.

S.), American comedian, actor, and talk show host known for his effusive stage persona and comically bleak depictions of the Mexican American experience.

Lopez featured in the 2007 PBS documentary , which used his career as a lens through which to examine the commercialization of Latino culture.

In 2003 he was among the cohosts of the Emmy Awards, and in 2003–04 he hosted the Latin Grammy Awards.

Lopez was raised by his maternal grandmother, a factory worker, and her second husband, a construction worker, in the Mission Hills neighbourhood of Los Angeles.

His father had left when he was an infant, and his mother remarried and relocated when he was 10 years old.George’s daughter, Erica (Ashley Zamora), is a very “expressive” teenage and is constantly embarrassed by her dad.Ray Palmero (father) Claudia Palmero (mother; deceased)Victor Palmero (paternal grandfather)Emilina Palmero (paternal grandmother; deceased)Angie Lopez (paternal aunt)George Lopez (paternal uncle and godfather)Carmen Lopez (cousin)Max Lopez (cousin)Gloria Palmero (aunt) Veronica Palmero is the spoiled and rich daughter of Ray Palmero and Claudia Palmero.Lopez characterized his upbringing as neglectful and emotionally abusive, topics that he frequently probed in his comedy.After high school, he worked in the factory that had employed his grandmother.If they don't like the guy, they press a button and the light goes out on their podium. The final round is the guy's choice: he poses a question to two finalists and chooses a winner who he then asks out on a date.

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