Good questions to ask when you first start dating

Do they have a secret place where they can go to relax, unwind, and escape the world?

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Your date tells you that in six months, he’s moving to Timbuktu.

Isn’t that kinda important for you to know about a guy you’re considering dating and investing emotional energy into when clearly there’s no long-term potential?? And another reason to think out what you want to bring up on a date: you want to avoid coming off as an interrogator…yet you want to read into what this guy is all about.

All humility aside — are they proud of their accomplishments?

Do they call up their mom as soon as they find out about a new promotion?

Ask your date to talk about their siblings, best friends, grandparents, or even their pets.

A good way to see someone’s character is to pay attention to how they talk about other people.

Why do you even need to worry about what questions to ask a guy on a date? Let’s say you love your hometown and see no reason why you should ever leave it.

You’re on a date one night, and the subject of travel comes up.

Instead, I want you to focus on questions like the following as a way to develop the conversation on that date, not interview him as your next husband!

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