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In 2011, Steam added a Workshop feature that allows players to submit any Game Mod that they created to the Workshop so that other people can subscribe to that content and have said content automatically be installed to their game the next time the game is launched.The Workshop also allows people that subscribe to mods have them updated whenever the author updates the files, which is then updated when the game is launched.After trolls tried to submit pornography and such things as a fly-your-plane-into-the-World-Trade-Center game, coupled with people making requests of intellectual properties of different companies, Valve instituted a 0 submission charge, sending the proceeds to the Child's Play charity.

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In March 2017, they revealed a deal with Crunchyroll to distribute select anime as well.

In February 2017, Steam Greenlight was scrapped in favour of Steam Direct.

And like Xbox Live, it has since gone cross-platform, supporting Mac OS X and Linux in addition to Windows.

All of Valve's PC games since This is actually one of the big draws for developers: integrating Steamworks into a game requires that the game communicate with Steam in order to work, even if it's only once.

The service is free to download as well, and allows gamers to integrate their games into the service, as well as download games that support the service natively.

Having the full support of pretty much every major publisher that makes PC titles except Blizzard and Electronic Arts (post-, when they launched their competing service "Origin"), the service makes it easier to download and play PC games, having over ten thousand titles available for download, many of which are classic games in their own right. The main draw, however, is Steam's popular seasonal sales, days-long events that see prices on scads of games slashed by 50%, 75%, and even 90%.

In addition to allowing Steam to act as a distributor, this also works surprisingly well as a Anti-Piracy measure, making it difficult (though not impossible) to pirate games with Steamworks embedded.

Given the wide adoption rate of Steam and the appeal of not having to develop their own anti-piracy measures, this is a big draw for smaller developers, and has been a big influence to EA, Ubisoft, and other major publishers that have pushed out their own "digital distribution service".

On March 2018, Valve announced a successor to the Steam Link, by taking the idea to it's logical endpoint, and making it an Android app, with an i OS app being delayed due to Apple not allowing for game purchasing in apps that they themselves don't sell.

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