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Non profits are innovative in solving problems as they have little financial cushion or comfort – which many companies have had to increasingly face as well.

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Other not-for-profit institutions working in Pakistan would agree with him.

Many need help in mentoring students, training, applying for grants, developing annual reports, human resource management – the list is endless.

Concepts of environmental stewardship, community involvement and social innovation are important aspects of corporate external CSR strategy.

The business case for investing in corporate citizenship is that it can present a way of dealing with future risks in the field.

The Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy (CECP), a group of CEOs encouraging philanthropy in companies, reported 70% of 260 companies surveyed in its group, support employee volunteering by paying them.

A number of companies have also created employee volunteering programmes as part of career development: sending selected high performing employees to places in Africa, South America and Asia to help businesses grow. Common Impact, a global consultancy group which offers services to help companies build employee volunteering programmes and link them to non profits and institutions, reports employees often give added value to business from what they have learnt at non profits.

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Another aspect which can be considered is that whilst governments exist within borders, many companies are transnational.

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