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Finally, register with a medical alert program, such as "Safe Return" which aids first responders by providing them with immediate links to your loved one's caregivers, medical records and the Alzheimer's Association. "The Alzheimer's Association has trained, confidential professionals available at any hour of the day or night to offer tips and guidance at our toll-free Helpline number - 1.800.272.3900." With Christmas approaching, many people are rediscovering the magic of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol.

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It's the one that starts, "it was the best of times, it was the worst of times..." The Erie County Legislature is not the United States Congress. As I write this column, Congress is debating whether or not to shut down the federal government or keep it going for another few weeks.

Meanwhile, the Erie County Legislature has already passed our 2018 Budget after making a few changes to Mark Poloncarz's Executive Budget and the executive has agreed to not veto any of the changes.

In Washington the process has been characterized by partisan wrangling and political posturing.

In Erie County we have worked together in a bipartisan manner to provide people with the services upon which they have come to rely.

We will continue to support the work of law enforcement to maintain this trend and to keep impaired drivers from getting behind the wheel." A Buffalo developer has sold the headquarters of U. "Watch for triggers, such as increased agitation, fidgeting or pacing, which can indicate their loved one wants to leave." Chapter Program Director Rachel Rotach advises caregivers and family members to acknowledge the feelings their loved one may be experiencing and redirect them to a new activity or environment, such as a different room.

It is also critical, and easy, to improve safety in the home.ERIE COUNTY, NY - December 18, 2017 Erie County Executive Mark C.Poloncarz was joined by Commissioner of Central Police Services James Jancewicz and John Sullivan, Director of the Erie County STOP-DWI Office along with members of local and state law enforcement today to reinforce a holiday safety message and announce the beginning of extra patrols as part of the state and national DWI Enforcement Campaign.And camouflaging doors with curtains can divert a person from opening it and leaving," advises Rotach.Other suggestions include sticking to a routine or schedule of activities, which can be helpful in keeping those with dementia from becoming overly stimulated and overwhelmed.Wandering is unpredictable and it usually occurs because of disorientation caused by the disease.

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