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The taxi drivers English was even less than my very limited Spanish so communication wasn’t easy.This was something I found throughout the island (although menus in restaurants were available in English and many other different languages), why I was surprised at the “lack of English” I really don’t know, I was on a Spanish island after all, but I suppose I am used to going to large touristy places where they seem to make a point of employing English speaking staff.

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This was the one thing I forgot to ask about before going and found we needed to replace disposable items during our stay- kitchen rolls, toilet rolls, bin bags, washing up liquid, disinfectant wipes but soap powder and dishwasher tablets were supplied.

I think many of the items (including sun cream, shower gels etc) were left over from previous holiday makers; we left various items ourselves, so I do not know what anyone can expect to find on future visits.

The villa is accurately described on the website and by the many other very satisfied reviewers so there is little point describing it in detail again although I would add my agreement that it is extremely clean and extremely well equipped.

I particularly appreciated the washing machine as I managed to wash all our clothes before going home which was a great help as we were returning to have a new kitchen fitted and would be without access to our own machine.

If you and your online date are not careful, holiday stress can melt your fledgling romance faster than the first snow.

“Non Driver first villa holiday” Our group consisted of my husband, our 19-year-old son and myself.

The buses are every 30 minutes (even on a Sunday) and the fare was a fixed price of 1 Euro 40 whether going 1 stop or the whole route.

There are timetable details in the very full information folder provided by the owners.

Both the Marina and Playa Blanca are very clean and family friendly resort.

Playa Blanca is the busier of the two but nowhere near Blackpool level.

I did phone and book a taxi (number in information folder) for our return journey to the airport and I managed to easily communicate time and date then had to phone again and change it when I realised I had given the wrong date (still living that one down!

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