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MISO should be connected to the SPI MISO pin of the host microcontroller.

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INT should be connected to a pin capable of external interruptrs on the microcontroller.

SCK should be connected to the SPI clock line of the host microcontroller.

To the right of the micro SD slot, you will find a prototyping area filled with 0.100 inch holes and the following voltages broken out: GND, 3.3V, 5V, and Vin (the input voltage to the Arduino).

Below the micro SD slot is a 3.3V regulator and the CC3000 module, which is connected to the antenna section at the bottom of the board.

By default the CC3000 is connected to the chip antenna, but you can move the Antenna Select capacitor if you want to Bring Your Own Antenna.

To the right of the CC3000 module is a level shifter that allows the 3.3V logic of the CC3000 to communicate with the 5V logic normally found on the Arduino.

The pins used by the shield are as follows: 2 (INT) is the interrupt pin that the CC3000 uses to notify the Arduino that it has data. 11 (MOSI) is the SPI communication line from the Arduino to the CC3000.

7 (EN) is the enable pin that the Arduino uses to turn the CC3000 off and on. 12 (MISO) is the SPI communication line from the CC3000 to the Arduino. As opposed to the Shield, the CC3000 Breakout Board contains just the CC3000 module, an antenna section, a voltage regulator, and a level shifter.

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