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Monk reorganised the nursing department and founded the Training School of Nurses.

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In 1914 several wards were given over to the 5th Northern General Hospital for military wounded.

In 1915 the whole hospital was taken over and temporarily named the North Evington War Hospital.

Ordinary patients had to be moved to other hospitals across Leicester.

Control was not returned to the Poor Law Guardians until August 1919.

Pauline returned to work at the Clarendon Park Clinic for children needing tonsil or adenoid operations, remaining there until 1972 when it closed and was incorporated into Leicester Royal Infirmary (LRI).

Pauline worked as a childrens' nurse at the LRI until she retired in October 1991.

After that, they met annually until 1924, when they asked the Sister Matron if they could form a League.

A small committee was established which was chaired by Miss M A Wilcox (Sister Matron).

In 1930 the work of the Poor Law Boards was transferred to local government and the City Council took over management of the hospital.

It was renamed the City General Hospital and admitted only patients from within the city boundary.

Its aims were to maintain links between nurses and their training school, and between past and present nurses; to uphold and forward the profession; to publish an annual magazine, and hold annual reunions.

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