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The man playing the dignified, white-robed priest, conducting the service while Precious dabs at her eyes in grief, really is a priest - and an eminent one: this is Trevor Mwamba, the Anglican Bishop of Botswana.

The woman mourner seated beside Scott, who has one line of dialogue, is no actress either: this is Sheila Tlou, Botswana's minister of health.

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There's real emotional depth to these stories.'That much is evident on set when the villagers playing the mourners at Obed's funeral start to sing.

Their solemn, heart-stopping harmonies bring a tear to the eye of the most hardened crew members.

The filming of The No1 Ladies' Detective Agency in Botswana presented cast and crew with some novel problems - not least that it was the first film ever shot in the tiny republic.

David Gritten reports from the set It is a sight and a sound never to be forgotten.

One of his assaults caused her to lose the baby she was carrying.

And one of the first cases she is called on to solve involves the sinister kidnap of a young child.'People have this idea that these books are saccharine,' Minghella tells me. Wherever Precious's enormous grace comes from, it is shaped by damage and pain, and an addiction to a man who wasn't good for her.

Yet Minghella was determined to shoot The No1 Ladies' Detective Agency where Mc Call Smith set it. 'In essence, it's a poem about what's beautiful about the country: its tranquillity, its decency, its sense of community.

It's unique.'Financial advisers saw it differently. Logic suggested it would be easier to shoot over the border in South Africa, which has a thriving, established industry with experienced crews.

According to the docs -- first reported by Bossip -- the singer says they've been separated and living in separate homes since September 5.

Jill also says they have a prenup, and she wants it enforced.

The impasse was broken when Botswana's political class realised the film and its story could be an opportunity to present the country in a favourable light to the world.

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