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Consider the case of Instagram, a mobile photo-sharing app which is only available on i OS, yet now has 5 million users only 4 months after it’s initial launch!

The forum allows you to contact us and to meet other people who are learning English, and other languages.

Anyone can read the messages, but only members can add their own messages, or just say "Hello! The main purpose of the forum is to provide encouragement, advice, support, enjoyment, and [insert positive word here]!

Another survey conducted by marketing consultant i GR at approximately the same time last year reported even higher numbers with 13% of those surveyed owning smart phones and using them for some kind of video calling.

Pew Research Center also found that video calling in general had increased since their last survey in April 2009.

In a nutshell:- If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.

Leave any political / religious / border issue / personal quarrels at home.

id on the forum, but we recommend you only share this information privately (this is to stop spammers).

Please follow the rules and guidelines below, by taking part in any of our sessions or activities you agree to accept these rules.

What I do agree with is the takeover of the mobile market.

Regardless of whether it’s Apple, Android, Palm, or RIM, mobile is in and PCs/laptops are going out.

If you use the services and do not agree to these terms we can and will not be held responsible.

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