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She was only 15 when she made the film -- but that's exactly how old you were, Cherie, when you started in the band. Jett: Yeah, maybe -- but you'd have to have a chaperone.

Cherie Currie: We were older and wiser than our years; I believe we really were. Also, I think the girls that are playing us are too, in a degree, because of what they do, the nature of their job. More than the chaperone aspect of it, to me, is the 24/7 media that would be up your butt all the time. Currie: The only regret I do have is that we didn't take a break for a couple of months. You know, I couldn't listen to the Runaways for 20 years after I left the band. We never sat down as a group and said, "What is the problem?

“And this shit kind of fucks me up because it's the day that she was dedicating her time to an upcoming project for my foundation,” she added, talking about an idyllic night spent playing with Miley’s dogs and pig.

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The film is based on "Neon Angel," the memoir of singer Cherie Currie, who left the band after two tumultuous years of sex, drugs and of course, rock 'n' roll.

Former child star Dakota Fanning plays her on the big screen.

In 1974, she dated radio personality, Danny Bonaduce.

In the late 70s, she was romantically linked to Tom Petersson, Billy Idol, and John Lydon. She formed The Runaways with Sandy West, Cherie Currie, Jackie Fox, and Lita Ford.

The singer has famously dodged lesbian rumors for years.

She has never talked about a boyfriend or a husband.As the first female outfit to play aggressive music, the Runaways were in-your-face, provocative and sexual -- which was titillating to some and disturbing to others, especially since the girls were 15 and 16 at the time.Currie, now 50, is a chainsaw artist, carving mermaids and teddy bears out of tree stumps.She has collected a net worth of million from her career as a rock star and occasional actress.The rock and roll icon has had several boyfriends over the years.“She's been the first to do many things and not just as a woman, but just as a badass babe on the planet,” gushed Miley.

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