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Jun and Nino : *snickering* A semi long distance relationship was never a problem for Jun and Sho, they trusted each other and managed to live the same path.However, the sudden appearance of Ninomiya and Ohno had affected Jun’s decision.(Space(-Pirate) AU with less pirates and more treasure-hunting, really.

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Prompt : Nino : I like your new pants Ohno : Thanks, they were 50% off. Fallen from the sky, looking for someone who can read the marks on their skin and find the way to some precious, indescribable treasure that has not been seen since man began venturing the universe.

Nino : I'd like them better if they were 100% off Ohno : The store can't just give away items for free, unfortunately Nino : That's not what I meant Ohno : That's a terrible way to run a business, Nino, you should know that. Nino usually doesn’t consider a man attractive unless he takes his wallet out and have Nino peek at the supposedly thick contents – the kind of guy Nino usually go for - but frankly, working for a man like that is a completely different story altogether. When people were still close to each other, and mankind did not force themselves thousands of light years apart.” When Sho is captured by a group of pirates, the last thing he expects is for a bloody man to be thrown into his lap.

Prompt : Aiba : Taco cat backwards is still taco cat Sho : I don't know what to do with that information Ohno : ...

Ohno : Dog food lid backwards is dildo of god Sho : *blinks* I don't know what to do with that information, either.

Kiko Mizuhara’s love life has been a hot topic as of late. A photo has surfaced of the supposed couple out on a date earlier this month.

She was previously in a complicated relationship with Big Bang member G-Dragon. They had dinner at a high end sushi restaurant in Tokyo and then walked down the street holding hands on the way to a bar.

He has been working on the case for several months now and has managed to mix himself at the Japanese elite, using a fake name. He can feel the danger yet things might prove to be more difficult taking him to unknown paths. However, one thing he didn’t account for was to be stuck in the couple’s “sex closet” as they went at it in the bedroom.

Everything goes by the plan when he meets Ariake... It should be easy but from the first moment their eyes met, Jun knows that that wouldn't be the case.

At this bar, Kiko had arranged a surprise party for Shuhei, whose birthday is November 14.

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