Just a frog dating

Enjoy Chinese Chess using Western pieces yet faithful to the original ancient game. Set billiard balls on a journey around a 9x9 grid to create lines of 5 or more of the same color in Billi Li Color Lines.

You can only move a ball from its starting location to a particular destination if there is a clear path of travel, and more balls are randomly added after each turn, increasing the difficulty of your challenge as the game progresses.

Swap adjacent tiles to remove groups of 3 matching patterns and progress through 20 enlightening levels in Seven Senses.

Help an eccentric farmer back down to earth after he has climbed rickety structures of crates and wooden beams in the toppling physics and gravity game of Sudden Birds.

As the film ends, it's apparent that Kermit has married Miss Piggy.

Kermit says - and will continue to say - on interviews and such, "I'm just an actor and when two actors marry on stage, they're only acting." But Miss Piggy continues to bring in this minister as evidence that they're really married.

It's all nonsense, of course, but all of us have dreams, so why shouldn't Piggy?

The only difference is that hers is more impossible than most, but you can't help admiring her for trying so long and so hard to make it come true.—The Muppet Show Annual 1978In the show's course there's a wedding, led by a little, old man who acts as minister...

Catapult birds to knock out their human enemies situated on precarious structures in Angry Finches.

Defend a tropical island from alien invaders using your rocket cannon, grenades, power-ups and the help of a friendly helicopter in Island Defender.

Position blue or red dots so that the blue dots can see the correct number of other blues before being blocked by a red.

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