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It had been only three days since Nadia last heard from her mom. Peter Van Sant: What are the police and the district attorney and what are these people saying to you? Nadia Ford: "Crazy American daughter who's looking for her mother." Peter Van Sant: You may have been a little crazy, but you had a purpose. Undaunted, Nadia carried on her search -- posting flyers and driving thousands of miles across Russia searching for clues. So when we were in Russia, we went to speak with them -- her parents: Peter Van Sant: Where does the case go from here? Herman Weisberg: We need to make Viktoria pay for the crimes that she's committed here. While "48 Hours" was in Krasnodar, Van Sant asked the top official in the investigation.

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Cops briefly questioned Viktoria in her apartment – located right next door to Alla's -- then left the scene. Nadia Ford: I don't know the day, the minute, the second when she died. Peter Van Sant: Does this in any way close a circle for you?

Nadia Ford: Unfortunately that happened on Monday when I came to work and I -- print out my mom's phone log -- phone call log, and I saw the last person who called her. Nadia Ford: And then the police are going after her. That I'm so angry and I'm so, like, I'm ready to freakin' kill her. Nadia Ford [motioning towards the refrigerator]: There is no fingerprints on the metal handles. There, etched in stone is her mother's name -- but something is missing. …if she's not gonna tell me how she killed, tell me the date, when.

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Peter Van Sant [inside Alla's apartment]: This apartment has been left exactly as it was from three years ago, correct? Today, the woman at the center of this case awaits her fate in jail.

It appeared she convinced them she'd done nothing wrong. Nadia Ford: It will be open til the moment she'll be behind the bars the rest of her life for what she did.

"Viktoria claimed that Alla was on a trip with a friend, and that her phone had probably died. Peter Van Sant: So what raised suspicion about Viktoria for you? Nadia Ford: And then she ran up the stairs and then I'm like, "Where are you going? "Peter Van Sant: And she runs up here, are you chasing her? Viktoria retreated to her apartment, not knowing that Nadia had called the police who were lying in wait. Nadia Ford: Everything was spotless clean and it's a kitchen. Herman Weisberg: Nadia Ford is a very intelligent person. She did things that a lot of people wouldn't have thought were possible. In a cemetery not far from where her mother was abducted, Nadia was finally able to give Alla a proper funeral.

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