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And so I came out that summer just to check out Hollywood so I would be able to know for sure.I got a waitress job and I was eating beans and pork franks and living in this little dumpy place right behind the Chinese Theatre.Monique James worked in collaboration with Eleanor Kilgallen, who was Universal's executive for New Talent on the East Coast, in order to discover and nurture the careers of promising young actors.

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Then I decided to go find an agent so I took some pictures with a little bit of money that my brother had given me, which was $100.

And so I just started walking the pavement and I walked up to an agent's office.

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By the late-1970s, the classic era of the traditional Hollywood studio system had virtually ceased to exist.

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Information contained herein should not be relied upon for any type of legal action.Some of their most notable discoveries included Sharon Gless, Lindsay Wagner, Susan St.James, Katharine Ross, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Kim Cattrall.Another Monique James/Eleanor Kilgallen discovery who made good on the faith that they had in her was Ana Alicia, the talented and intelligent brunette from El Paso, Texas who used her time at Universal as a launching pad for a very successful career in television that started in the late 1970s, continued throughout the 1980s, and extended into the mid 1990s.Ana Alicia is best remembered for starring as Melissa Agretti on the long-running prime time soap "Falcon Crest" for almost eight seasons.Whereas Kilgallen has always been described as warm and nurturing, the impression I have had of Monique James was that she could be a very powerful, intimidating woman who would single-handedly determine whether an actor worked or not at Universal.

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