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Looking Out for Yourself or Your Loved One The following situations are common in assisted living.

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Consequently, state laws in various ways allow medication to be dispensed without a nurse present.

Most medication administration in assisted living is done by “medication aides” or by facility employees with little or no medication training.

A third resident may need someone to actually put the medication in his mouth or at least stand by to ensure that it gets into the mouth.

Self-Administering Medication An assisted living resident generally has the right under state law to administer her own medication.

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This right applies only if the resident is mentally and physically capable of self-administration.

Such a resident generally will be permitted to keep medications in her own room, unless safety is a factor – for example, if the resident has a roommate who could misplace or mistakenly swallow the medication.

Most medication administration in assisted living is performed by non-nurses.

State assisted living laws assume that most assisted living facilities cannot afford to hire full-time nurses.

The term “medication administration” refers to the way in which medication is taken by residents.

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