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If Page A has some quantity of ranking ability and its duplicate, Page A2, has a similar quantity of ranking ability, by canonicalizing them, Page A can have a better chance to rank and earn visits.

This kind of junk is ugly: If you can avoid using URL parameters, do so.

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This isn't a direct problem with Google or Bing—the search engines can process long URLs without much trouble.

The issue, instead, lies with usability and user experience.

Shorter URLs are easier to parse, to copy and paste, to share on social media, and to embed, and while these might all add up to only a fractional improvement in sharing or amplification, every tweet, like, share, pin, email, and link matters (either directly or, often, indirectly).

This doesn't mean that if the title of your piece is "My Favorite 7 Bottles of Islay Whisky (and how one of them cost me my entire Lego collection)" that your URL has to be a perfect match. The matching accomplishes a mostly human-centric goal, i.e.

In general, these don't cause a huge problem, but they may make for somewhat unsightly and awkwardly long URLs.

Use your own judgement around whether the tracking parameter benefits outweigh the negatives.But your blog is far more likely to perform well in the rankings and to help the rest of your site's content perform well if it's all together on one sub and root domain.For more details and plenty of examples (in the post and comments), check out this recent Whiteboard Friday on the topic.Whatever heuristics the engines use to judge whether content should inherit the ranking ability of its parent domain seem to have trouble consistently passing to subdomains.That's not to say it can't work, and if a subdomain is the only way you can set up a blog or produce the content you need, then it's better than nothing.In general, it's a best practice to remove or control for these. unsafe characters available on Perishable Press: It's not merely the poor readability these characters might cause, but also the potential for breaking certain browsers, crawlers, or proper parsing.

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