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If total human genocide your ultimate goal, you are reading the wrong document.

There are far more efficient ways of doing this, many which are available and feasible RIGHT NOW.

methods for dating the earth-73

If you feel you lack the ability to make it in politics (knowledge of your weaknesses is a strength), you should join the armed forces and shoot for Supreme General or whatever the highest rank is.

Nancy Lebovitz suggested religion as an alternate means of gaining resources, money and manpower. If you could set yourself up as a religious leader you could potentially gain a lot of supporters - who would be much more dedicated to you as a leader than a soldier would be to his general or a citizen to his King/President/Supreme Dictator-For-Life.

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I can in no way guarantee the complete extinction of the human race via any of these methods, real or imaginary.

Humanity is wily and resourceful, and many of the methods outlined below will take many years to even become available, let alone implement, by which time mankind may well have spread to other planets; indeed, other star systems.

Comments: It is of course entirely possible that the means God would choose to use to destroy the Earth would be a natural, non-miraculous event such as one of those listed above.

Earth's final resting place: potentially any form, anywhere.

Setting oneself up as a new prophet doesn't seem to attract much more than scepticism in this day and age, so unless you were very persuasive, you'd probably experience greatest success by hijacking an existing mainstream religion for your own ends. Anyway, once you have everything you need at your disposal, make the calls, submit your proposals, and set the project in motion. Contributions and corrections are courtesy of "althorrat", "ambradley", "ariels", Dave Babbitt, Joe Baldwin, Jon Burchel, "C-Dawg", "cakedamber", Jon Carlson, Matthew Cetrangelo, "Cletus The Fetus", "Deja Morgana", Tobias Diedrich, "Draknet", Sandro Dunatov, Dominic Eldridge, Dave Feshy, "Fieari", Bobby Florea, Matthew Fogle, Daniel Franke, Richard Freeman, Aneesh Goel, "grendelkhan", David V.

One potential pitfall is that there's a limit to what your followers can provide you in terms of monetary offerings and labour. You'd still need at least one scientific mastermind, and frankly I see scientific masterminds as being among the least likely to follow you... Of course, by the time it becomes even possible to destroy the Earth, Madagascar might be the dominant superpower, or the whole world might be unified as a single nation, or maybe the whole galaxy is full of humans, there's no such thing as money, and solid platinum asteroids and robot workers are plentiful. This whole shebang is the original concept of, written by and copyright © qntm. Gulliver, Tyler Hansen, Russell Harper, Jordy den Hartog, Rudy Hasspacher, Colby Hayward, Lars Hedbor, "J", Kevin A.

That suggests that the best place to seek employment would be at a research institution for the areas of science you hope to employ, or maybe an organization like Boeing or NASA... If this is a big, possibly space-based project then you will need MUCH more to work with.

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