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First was in 2007 with his Greek co-star Spencer Grammer.Fans of the hit show would agree that the on-screen chemistry between them was just absolutely undeniable. Fans were particularly excited about their relationship as it all seemed like a fairy tale come true.

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The documentary crew: There was a moment where it looked like Pam might have an affair with Brian the sound guy, who was there for her while Jim was in Philadelphia, but when it became clear—from a trailer for The Office: An American Workplace on PBS—that the Dunder Mifflin staff was being filmed even when they didn’t know it, relations between the crew and staff fell apart.

Scott Michael Foster first captured our hearts in 2007 with his role as Captain John Paul “Cappie” Jones in ABC Family’s hit comedy-drama series, Greek.

Erin: Briefly moved to Florida until Andy came to get her back. Kevin: Successfully—and improbably—kept the secret of Oscar’s affair with Angela’s husband.

Meredith: Shaved her head when the whole office got lice from Pam and her kids.

However, the pair couldn’t quite hold it together for long as they split in 2008, smashing the hearts of Greek fans.

While Grammer went on to date and later marry James Hesketh in 2011, Foster in 2008, found love in the eyes of That ’70s Show star actress Laura Prepon, who is now known for Orange Is The New Black.

”I intend to keep my private life away from public scrutiny,” he said to the media.

However, in the past, Foster has been in two well-known relationships.

But with the sitcom entering the home stretch—its final episode airs on May 16—some of those fans have been returning to see how it all ends for the employees of Dunder Mifflin.

But not everyone who may want to tune in for the finale has time to catch up on the new characters, romances and paper-sales developments that have been introduced over the past two seasons.

A small screen staple, Foster has proven his skills in other shows like Zero Hour, Chasing Life and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

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