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More info on the workshops here (and I heard you should get there early to get a spot).Daddy and daughter can head out to the library for some quiet bonding time over books.Depending on the weather, the park is always a great location for free outdoors activities.

But I’ll probably be back late.”“Who are you going out with? Someone you don’t know.”“Where did you meet this friend? Such are the joys of dating when you have an older teen/young adult under the same roof, watching as you come and go, watching (or at least wondering) with whom you go out and with whom you might come back. Why do you continue to annoy me with these questions?

Can you tell from the conversation who’s the parent and who’s the child?

I see it every day between my husband and my two daughters.

They have him wrapped around their tiny little toddler fingers.

Daddy and daughter don’t need to go anywhere to have special time together.

If you have all the ingredients on hand for an easy kid-helper meal, like this Mexican Pizza with Homemade Refried Beans, daddy and daughter can stay home and cook together.

Father’s Day is a time that should be celebrated and give daddy and daughter a little extra time to spend together. And while Daddy and daughter are out having some bonding time, don’t forget to do something special for yourself. Whenever we ask my oldest what Daddy’s favorite store is, she knows the answer is “Home Depot.” (Mommy’s favorite store is Target, of course.) They even have free kids workshops on the weekends.

Daddy and daughter can go shopping and make a craft together for free.

The kids will love smashing the beans and sprinkling the ingredients on the pizza.

Here’s a snippet of conversation between a single parent and their 17-year-old. ”“It’s a long story.”“What do you mean it’s a long story? It’s an almost standard conversation between parent and child about dating. ”Many of us — the dating divorced — find ourselves experiencing a very interesting role reversal as we head out the door on a weekend evening.

Our children are becoming our parents — or trying to. And many of us don’t like what feels like an uncomfortable invasion of our privacy.

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