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Their father’s will (see Appendix B) provided equally for them; but two only, Fanny (Frances), and Hayes, reached the age of maturity.

In 1775, the Virginia patriots assembled at Richmond because the town was a safer meeting place than the Colonial capitol.

Thus we did not build Castles only, but also Citys in the Air.” 1 Father Byrd’s vision of a great city, at the head of naviga- tion on the James, is today in a fair way of realization; but, up to the time of removal of ,the seat of government from Williamsburg to Richmond, little progress had been made towards this end. John’s Church, a diminutive structure at best, enjoyed still smaller proportions when Patrick Henry uttered his immortal words.

All persons named for countries or towns, such as Lilienthal and Morgen- roth, were Jews; all with fantastic compound names derived from colors, trades, animals, vegetables, minerals; all with Biblical names except Puritan first names; all patronymics ending with son, sen, or any other version; all Russells, originally so-called from red-haired Is- ^elites; all Walters, by long descended derivation from Wolves and Foxes, in some ancient tongue. A translation of this extraordinary exhibit in a Vir- ginia court follows: 16 THE HISTORY OF “On this 26th October, 1792, have I, Jacob I. Among the natives of Germany, who settled in Richmond during the eighteenth century and who became excellent citizens of their adopted country, no one stands higher than the subject of this chapter.

He cited some old chronicle in which he had cornered one Robert de Caecilia and exposed him as an English Jew. Cohen, and Isaiah Isaacs, partners for these many years, come to the following resolutions and divided the following lots, Houses and negroes. Cohen is to have the House and whole lot on the Hill adjoining Mr. 750 — and the lot with the House on the Main street at present occupied by Mr. Cooley’s at the East, and on the west adjoining Mr. Isaiah Isaacs is to have the House and whole lot at the corner of Church Hill, formerly called the Bird in Hand adjoining William White’s lot — likewise the small house adjoining the Court House at the West, with the adjoining house called the Red House to the end of the Red House chimney, and so all the way back adjoining Jacob I. Emigrating from Rhenish Prussia in 1773, he settled first at Lancaster, Pa., and, after a brief residence there, removed to Charleston, S. The Revolutionary War coming on, young Cohen despite the short time he had to absorb the spirit of his neighbors threw in his lot with the patriots.

Asked by a friend, “When the Jews have got absolute control of finance, the army, the navy, the press, diplomacy, society, cities, the government and the earth's surface, what do you suppose they will do with them and with us f” he answered, as he whispered in a loud tone into his friend's ear, “ That is the question zvhich will eventually drive me mad ! Isaacs, called the Red house, and so all the way back the whole double lot, and likewise the lot behind Cooley’s, and the Blue House in the cross street belonging to Todd, after the lease is out, and the following negroes, Dick, Bet and her two children Fanny and Shadrach and little Lios. Cohen’s line through the lower lot — likewise one lot near the Poplar Spring No. How- ever, before the treaty of peace had been signed, his name ap- pears in a Virginia petition as a merchant of the new capitol.

Hard to realize today is the fact that on the 31st of January, 1791, this firm received a human being, a negro man Charlie, about twenty-four years of age, as security for a debt.

Cohen & Isaacs, afterwards a prominent firm, appear in the record.

On December 10, 1781, a petition, 10 signed by the merchants of Richmond, was pre- sented to the General Assembly.

2 In this connection, it is worthy of note that the original record was burned by the British under Benedict Arnold.

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