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“Just give my guy berries, and I’ll pay for them no matter what.” All the Geans had to do was build a new cooler that chills the berries more quickly, and pack them in sturdy plastic clamshell containers.“The truck pulls in, they load up the berries, the truck pulls out,” Mr. The fruit arrives in East Coast restaurant kitchens and on market shelves within 36 to 48 hours of being picked.

In 2012, they shipped about two dozen 80-pound flats twice a week.

They have included the New York restaurants Wildair, Upland and Le Bernardin; a few retailers — like Eataly, owned by Mr. Bastianich; the online grocer Fresh Direct; and the Doughnut Plant, which features strawberry-forward doughnuts in the spring. When they ran out of superlatives, they both settled on a single adjective: “red,” summing up all a strawberry should be. They didn’t taste like fully ripe berries, but that was beside the point. Many of the Geans’ pickers have worked the farm full time for 20 years, freed from the need to follow seasonal crops.“We stepped off the traditional success track at a fortuitous moment,” Mrs. “The farmers’ markets enabled us to become what we are, to make a profit.”That was the retooled business model until T. Murphy, chief executive of the East Coast wholesaler Baldor Specialty Foods, found himself stranded on the West Coast because of a snowstorm back home.

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New york times updating strawberry shortcake

This season, at peak volume, Baldor will distribute as many as 860 flats every week. Gean’s measure: Gaviotas and Seascapes alongside two new Spanish varieties, a one-acre patch of even more delicate French berries called Mara des Bois, tomatoes, green beans and products made from anything that comes back from the market unsold, including tomato salsa, fruit jam and pickled beans. Three generations live on the property — the Geans in a house they built out of metal shipping containers, along with their three grown children, who work the markets; their spouses; and seven grandchildren, ages 20 years down to 5 months. Gean makes dinner for 15 every Tuesday night, when dessert could be strawberry pie from a family recipe, or Ms.

Silverton’s strawberry shortcake, or strawberry ice cream produced in a barter arrangement with a local producer. Gean, 63, creates oversize junk-art sculptures that are scattered around the property, and they have installed a party room, outdoor dance floor, aboveground swimming pool, swing set, trampoline and playhouse.

Large-scale growers typically pick every three days. “I saw it as an upgrade,” he said of swapping beer for berries.

Ripeness is all: When the berries run out, they run out, because the Geans would rather send a customer home empty-handed than with a berry that doesn’t meet their standards. “Nobody ever got in a car accident from eating too many strawberries.” This time, his wife agreed.

The farm itself is as good as Disneyland as far as Mrs. A framed set of old photographs hangs on the exterior wall of a small, one-story office — of Mr.

Iwamoto, who died in 1993, just as the new farm was taking shape, and his wife, Yayoi, who died in January. Gean’s next project is a Japanese tea garden to honor her parents, which she describes to her grandchildren as “sort of a museum of your great-grandparents.”“Someone will continue,” she said, imagining Harry’s Berries as a fourth-generation farm someday.

A perfect pint requires no more embellishment than the slightest sprinkle of sugar before being plopped onto crumbly biscuits.

Cooking would diminish them, so any jammy urges are better saved for lesser fruit.

Strawberries may be the default shortcake topping, but they are not the only way to enjoy the combination of buttery biscuits, plump fruit and luscious whipped cream. In season at the same time, strawberries and rhubarb are often paired to fill the bellies of pies.

But rhubarb is excellent on its own, when its deep, fruity sourness can shine without any intrusions.

Assemble the whole thing just before serving, and watch it disappear.

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