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Thursday night it finally arrived: A third-party Snapchat client app has been collecting every single photo and video file sent through it for years, giving hackers access to a 13GB library of Snapchats that users thought had been deleted.

This is what the collection of intercepted Snapchat photos and videos looked like: One news report suggests the hacked third-party Snapchat client was Snapsave.

The popular Android app allowed users to keep Snapchat photos and videos, which automatically delete when viewed through the official Snapchat app.

Shocked users of the notorious chat forum 4chan are referring to the hack as "The Snappening," noting that this is far bigger than the i Cloud hacks that recently targeted celebrities.

Underground photo-trading chat rooms have been filled in recent weeks with hints that something big was coming.

Now the URL redirects to a Danish e-commerce site that sells set-top boxes and TV antennas.

Most of the intercepted Snapchat photographs posted online featured overlaid messages in Danish.4chan users claim that Snap Saved was indeed the source of the intercepted files: We don't know if the third-party Snapchat client, whether Snapsave or Snap Saved, was created with the purpose of intercepting images.It may have been the case that hackers accessed the servers of one of the sites, which had inadvertently stored the files, and rehosted the directory online.In a statement to Engadget, Snapsave developer Georgie Casey denied his app was to blame, saying "Our app had nothing to do with it and we've never logged username/passwords." He also denied that Snapsave stores photos online.This means that the hacked Snapchat client was probably a website, rather than an app.We vigilantly monitor the App Store and Google Play for illegal third-party apps and have succeeded in getting many of these removed.

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