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As reward for getting over 1.5 million members five days early, several major upgrades were released (some ongoing).

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Like its predecessor, the soundtrack can be found on Steam as downloadable albums of the game OST and the GO Bank Christmas singles.

Almost all of the music can be heard via the in-game jukebox for free (provided you own the core game), and several can be heard for free on the PAYDAY Bandcamp page and composer Simon Viklund's site.2017 was a big year for the game - in April, it was announced the game would be getting ported to the Nintendo Switch, with the port releasing in February 2018.

The series was produced and directed by Demian Lichtenstein, who also directed , and was co-produced by Overkill Software.

The series can be found for free on Youtube as well as several other websites.

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If you really want to impress any of the models performing on our sex cams you can send them a tip or buy them a gift., Starbreeze (makers of the Riddick games) decided to buy the previous developer and fund a sequel.A playable beta was released on July 24th, 2013 for players who pre-ordered the Steam version of the game.Supplementing class skills are perk decks that grant passive abilities (including four perks shared across every deck, like slightly higher headshot damage and slightly faster movement when in armor, and five unique perks for each deck, like health bonuses for having hostages, regaining some health by killing enemies, moving faster and having faster armor regen at lower health, etc.) that are applied to the player and sometimes the rest of the crew.The game also contains weapon mods that allow players to tweak and customize weapons as they wish for optimal performance, as well as customizable masks that have different materials, patterns, and colors.Our mission and vision of a live cams site with models who are genuine performers, just love sex live on cam, and are willing to fulfil all of your desires has led to the creation of Ocams.

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