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To be sure we tried the experiment three more times, with the same results. We had scanned the rats down to a molecular level destroying the original in the process.

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Recruits genetically engineered sex slaves from 2222 to recreate Master's Harem, for man who helped invent machine that caused it all.

Discover that aliens were really responsible for it all. Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa Ma/ft Consensual Hypnosis Mind Control Non Consensual Slavery Bi Sexual Heterosexual Fiction Science Fiction Aliens Extra Sensory Perception Space Time Travel Light Bond Harem Oral Sex Once there was this old man wandering down the road and he came to this big rock beside the road.

For our Project thought we were back to technologies and materials of the early 1920’s and 30’s with theories expounded by Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, Ambrose Fleming, and others of that age, using technologies that required enough energy to run a small city.

We had actually blown the breakers at the local substation while doing our first test run.Everything was solid-state and getting smaller and smaller all the time.Even the large lead acid batteries of yesterday were being replaced with large light weight capacitors for the storage of energy.Yes my machine reassembled everything that was there, everything that is except that primal spark. We never even got around to the question of how much pain the test rat felt.This was 2010 when everything was LSI, DLSI and now UDLSI.Pour en savoir plus, notamment sur les moyens de contrôle disponibles, consultez la Politique d’utilisation des cookies.

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