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Commit to that person and the feelings will come.”In fairness, due to rampant online dating, we’re seeing many men fail to commit to anything for fear someone better is out there.Ghosting and general douchbaggery is at an all time high, so I believe the speaker was trying to combat that mentality. I took the speakers words to heart and dated my friend thinking the feelings would come.Because I didn’t trust my gut, it would only be later that I uncovered why everything felt off.

Other elements and emotions are important to create a well rounded relationship.

Everyone on earth will experience conflict in a relationship. So after those events happen, will and choice play a part.

It’s true we need more than just fleeting “” emotions.

However, we can’t depend on sheer willpower or commitment to sustain us.

Resentment and frustration get nipped in the bud and the friendship can grow once more.

All of this may sound frightening, but remember that courage comes in the form of speaking the truth.

There are ways to spot it and avoid the “friend zone” in the process too. By and far, my gut reaction was the strongest feeling of resistance when I decided to date my friend.

Most other people will agree that after a relationship implodes, they should have “trusted their gut.”When something doesn’t feel right, chances are it’s usually wrong.

If you suspect your friend is developing romantic feelings for you, be up front about the friendship.

It may be hard for them to hear as they wanted something more, but by doing so you’ve set a healthy boundary.

I’m not particularly fond of you and don’t necessarily enjoy your company, but I plan to make this work.”That’s not a friend or lover you’d want to have, right?

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