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It is quite a large mailbox - 25GB - but its well within the limitations.Other users on the same server have similar and larger mailboxes.Environment His is large (~2.2GB), though we have many other users with files bigger without this trouble.

outlook updating inbox 0 b-82

Ok - although you don't have quotas enabled, there is a possibility that this problem is occurring due to the amount of space used by offline files - I've had this on my own Win 7 Enterprise 64-Bit laptop when I could no longer save files to My Documents even though there was a ton of space left both on the server AND on my local machine.

The solution was to change the offline files settings in sync centre:- question, why would it get stuck at 3.99 GB You've recreated OST File, so this is not an issue with OST Corruption You've recreated Profile, so this is not an issue with OL Profile corruption You've worked on another laptop, so this is not an issue with Office.

We have a user in our office who recently reported that Outlook 2007 is having trouble displaying newly arrived messages.

If he changes to another folder and then comes back to the inbox, the messages show up immediately.

I unchecked the "Use Exchange Mode", shut outlook down, restarted, rechecked to "Use Exchange Mode" and everything is flowing in flawless! Anytime things get flaky w/ Outlook it's a fast test to recreate the Outlook profile. If it's still happening: Confirm the drive hasn't been compressed or isn't running out of space.

Set up the new profile with an incorrect pswd until you have connected the existing PST, otherwise you can end up with dupe msgs. Confirm only 1 AV/anti-malware/anti-spyware app is running. Test - if OK now then resolve AV issue or: Close Outlook Run Scan Pst, fix errors.

If so, disable the outlook add-in and restart Outlook. 3) A farfetched answer I've heard is that the user must be a participant in the Customer Experience Improvement Program.

Close Outlook, open Word, click the office button, click Word Options, click Trust Center, click Trust Center Options, click Privacy Options, and select the option for the Customer Experience Improvement Program (4th option). I've seen similar problems in the past arise from the use of the "Used Cached Exchange Mode" setting.

Are there a lot of mails in your inbox, did you wait long enough for it to download all messages?

Have a look at the networking tab of your task manager, can you see a steady network load there?

hi, im trying to configure my exchange account on outlook 2010.

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