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Another use-case for being able to override the auto-generated Model Form - overriding the default form field, e.g.

So that's why I use a validation inside another validator. @alewiahmed The issue is not yet resolved, you shouldn't close it. PR is still missing some testing coverage, and that have to be fixed before merging.

Feel free to use the branch as it is though, and a feedback if it works for you would also be appreciated.

To answer your questions on why I need to reference different validation inside a validator, I am working on a registration page & I wanted to check if the given email is already registered or not. inside this validation, I didn't want to call the server whenever the user types something, so what I did was check if the input is email first before it sending a server request.

So that's why I use a validation inside another validator. @Frizi I'm glad you've added a commit for this issue.

first I check if the email validator is passed then I check if the email is unique.

Long story short, when I change another input field the is Unique validator of the username field is called. When I remove the this.$ check, everything is back to normal.As a workaround, can you explain why are you trying to reference different validation inside validator?Maybe there is simply a more straight-forward solution that would simply avoid that behaviour.Take note of the error message, and return to the field edit form to fix it. Let’s say that you are operating a restaurant that serves only dishes containing spam.You may wish to check to make sure that the input to a string or text field contains “spam”.You may do that with by setting a custom validator that reads: You’ll be quickly frustrated if you try to do anything smart in a single TALES expression.

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