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i told them it was a boring book series I'm reading and dodged that bulllet.

In this case "search history" may not be a true history but likely the autocomplete. Unless there's something in particular that bothers you about them, sounds like you should wear them.

I know in Firefox it used to show you the most recent searches if you just hit down arrow. That said, UN makes me think this might be a troll. 100%Long answer: I find any kind of sheer stocking or nylon an incredible turn-on.

If he's sloppy and just searches from the bar for things.. My particular favorite are the thick lacy nylons with a floral pattern. A past girlfriend would wear them for me, and during sex, I'd slowly rip them in the crotch area and go down on her, while she squirmed and moaned. In my peer group, I am unique in this like however.

We make love differently then my past girlfriend, less primal, more loving. I tell you one thing: if you surprise your guy with some stockings and heels he will completely lose his shit in a good way. Show up to my house wearing those and unless they're obscured by a giant gut or you actually are related by blood to cave trolls or hambeasts, you will be having very fast, very intense, very animalistic sex in as much time as it takes for me to establish consent and then RIP. Stockings will look sexy on some girls/outfits and be meh on others.

I also enjoy stocking and nylon pornography, especially gonewild pictures of girls in lacy nylons and fishnets. I think maybe your boyfriend has a bit of a fetish.

Okay - if you have sorta chunkier legs, go get yourself a crotchless pair of stockings. To offer some possible insight, I think it has a lot to do with the combination of "proper" mixed in with sex.

If you have thinner legs, go get yourself a pair of thigh-highs. Ultimately, I tend to find lingerie/clothing to be sexier than just nakedness.

But I mean during the fall and winter or even in the bedroom for those fun times... Me personally, I love to see a woman in a pair of pantyhose. I have never been able to appreciate panties , especially thongs. I don't find them too hot as most places I wear them are air conditioned anyway and are very often too chilly for bare legs.

Not fishnets, not thigh highs, but regular pantyhose. In the bedroom, they make for some interesting times. Panty lines & the fealing of something crawling up ( you know where is unbearable to me) VIVA LA PANTY HOSE. I do wear thigh highs sometimes too, but they are not as comfortable.. Here's my wish for the men who are like are gaga over women in panty hose.

I like to think my Porn is carefully hidden away in a folder in my Videos folder with a stupid name that no one would click.

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