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For a comedy, the show featured a healthy dose of musical numbers, including countless performances at the Pizza Bowl and that zany Christmas episode at a mental hospital.To cash in on the show’s success, Marshall and Williams recorded , a collection of covers of rock and roll hits from the 50s and 60s. In part two of ET's revealing interview with the legendary comedienne and director, Marshall discloses details of an (up until recently) undisclosed abortion the star underwent in her twenties.

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Amazon has been aggressively expanding its publishing operations of late, drawing concern from traditional booksellers about its dual role as seller and publisher.

Recently Barnes & Noble withdrew 100 DC graphic novels from the shelves of its physical stores after Amazon secured an exclusive deal to offer the digital versions only on the Kindle.

Early in the season, the actor married and became pregnant.

She thought she would return to the show with camera shots carefully designed to hide her baby bump.

Still widely available, fans can listen to their rendition of “Da Do Run Run,” “All I Have to Do Is Dream” or an odd two-minute track of the pair reading old yearbook entries.4.

Fact: Lenny and Squiggy were bopping around long before they started creeping out females in the Greater Milwaukee area.Strone told the Associated Press that several publishers bid but Amazon "won the auction." Strone declined to reveal the financial terms of the deal, but he did hint that Amazon offered an e Book royalty rate above the standard 25 percent."It was a decision whether to go with old school or new school," said Strone.Although the writers tried valiantly to recapture the show’s original magic, the writing was on the wall: The proverbial shark had been jumped.6.Of all the show’s changes, none were felt as deeply as Cindy Williams’ departure in season eight.In her memoir out today (), the now 69-year-old, freely admits she was stunned to learn of the pregnancy because she wasn't dating anyone regularly during the period the child was conceived.

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