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Comments from the male singles looking on from a sound-proof booth are positively pack-mentality.“Not as good as I expected,” observes one. The most dramatic moment in the opening episode occurs when everybody seems quite taken by a young woman who runs her own business until discovering she is a single mother of 40.

Cruelly, before you can say Please Marry My Boy all the parents suddenly lose interest.

It features a potpourri of hot topics such as mortgage slaves, the income gap between the rich and poor, and being single, which constantly prick people's nerves." Netizens allege that some guests do not enter the show to date, but merely to get a toehold in the world of show business.

"The show is as dramatic as a TV soap opera," says Liu Tingting, a married office worker in Beijing and regular viewer of the show.

"It reaches one climax after another every two or three minutes.

Some of the guests have become overnight stars and have online fan clubs.

Among them, Ma Nuo and Liu Yunchao have stirred extensive controversy.

I just couldn’t work out if it was based on character fiction or actual trans experience…But there are odd lost-in-translation moments that would never fly on western television.

At one point Miss Jin introduces a single female by telling us she isn’t very pretty but hey, she is funny (for real).

The parents decide who will date their son or daughter, girls may be told they aren’t pretty or young enough, and it has a transgender host…. Buoyed by the success of If You Are the One SBS VICELAND will screen the unique and sometimes politically-incorrect, Meet the Parents: China.

It is sporadically funny, sometimes touching, and occasionally downright offensive.

Ma, 22, a model from Beijing, has won plaudits for her stylish appearance, but is equally derided for her material girl image.

She once told a man who was jobless and invited her to ride on his bike that she would rather cry in a BMW.

The 23-year-old Liu boasted about his 6 million yuan (8,000) bank balance and three sports cars, but his wealth and arrogance was condemned and he was voted off the show.

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