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“My songs are all about love—explicitly.” This is a man whose best-known songs include “Love Me Tomorrow,” “After the Love Has Gone,” “It’s the Falling in Love,” “Stand Up for Love,” “To Love You More,” and “Will You Still Love Me?Bernard was a longtime girlfriend of actor and producer, Tony Thomas, but she never got married.Also see Love, Love Poems, Valentines, Love Song Lists, Dancing, Missing You, Hugs, Kisses, and Weddings.

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He's somebody that I like a lot and who I enjoy being with. I don't think you can say things started to go wrong so much as you can say that marriage is always difficult.

I thought the world of David; I thought he was terrific and a great guy. But they say some people are predestined to be alcoholic.

Despite the difficult past few weeks since her separation from David became public knowledge, the couple have for the most part chosen to maintain a dignified silence over the reasons behind the split.

But with the serious allegations of David's drug and alcohol dependency and rumours of his affairs, the couple have decided to put the record straight. from their Californian homes, both Jane and David have given their own separate accounts of the story.

“Now it’s ‘Lean In.’ ”Adams, for his part, is in the thick of a stage adaptation of the movie .“Try writing a love song without the word ‘love’ in it,” Adams said.

The minute either of them says ‘love,’ it’s over.”“I couldn’t do it,” Foster said.

Alcoholics generally medicate themselves against feelings. I didn't actually say, If you don't do this, we'll split up, but I did say, I feel that you should do something about this for yourself and for the sake of the children and, in the meantime, we'll wait and hear from you.'The first time it was my idea.

I did what they call intervention' where I pretty much forced him to go and his doctors put him in there. You can't make an alcoholic stop drinking, so he stayed for a few days and checked himself out.

Did Wings actress Crystal Bernard ever got married?

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