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He adds: We should not think of the Devil as a myth, a representation, a symbol, a figure of speech or an idea.

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We need to be always aware of his enmity and hatred for God and for us.

The murders of over 21,000 people under Duterte is a manifestation of demonic activity.

One sector that Duterte finds difficult or even impossible to intimidate and silence are those sincere Catholics and Christians courageously committed to Gods truth and righteousness even at the risk of their security and lives.

He now seeks to silence them by using the same fear- inducing methods of murder, harassment, and intimidation.

The 56% popularity rating of Duterte among unthinking, zombied Filipinos despite the thousands he has murdered and the constant lies he spews reflects the grave danger he poses to millions of Filipino souls.

Those who identify themselves as Catholics, when their thoughts, words and deeds betray and show that they are not, should be alerted to the very real danger of losing their souls.

By exposing Dutertes connection to Satan the enemy of Jesus Christ and their enemy who craves and lusts for the possession of souls God is giving all men and women the opportunity to save their souls.

By praying to our Lord Jesus Christ and to our Blessed Mother, who is designated from the beginning of time to destroy and crush the head of Satan, those steadfast in their fidelity to God will prevail.

He controls the police and military who do the killings for him.

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