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Lime Survey is the tool to use for your online surveys.

Whether you are conducting simple questionnaires with just a couple of questions or advanced assessments with conditionals and quota management, Lime Survey has got you covered.

The main force of Lime Survey is that it is transparent as well as publicly accessible.

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That’s why we want to make Brackets the best code editor for preprocessors out there.

With Brackets you can use Quick Edit and Live Highlight with your LESS and SCSS files which will make working with them easier than ever.

“At this early stage, no agreement has been reached between the parties and there is no certainty that the proposal will result in any transaction.” In this bonus last episode of this new podcast series, Brand Hook MD, Pip Stocks, talks with former ANZ group general manager of marketing, Louise Eyres, talks about the importance of thinking like a customer and using intuition to solve customer painpoints.

, that value will be used as the exit status and not printed.

Non-responding participants can be reminded by email.

Automatic bounce handling marks email addresses as invalid, so they are not invited again.

Vistaprint is a place for people who don’t settle, who challenge the status quo and never stop asking how to do things better.

Technology and design are always evolving and we’re continually finding ways to redefine the way they work together. You might be surprised to find yourself surrounded by ambitious and energetic people, just like you, who challenge and inspire you every day. So, we organize activities like outings and workshops.

It pools the power of many coders in order to achieve bigger things. Thanks to the continuous feedback and the fresh ideas, we can constantly advance Lime Survey.

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