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"Strength: 18KN" = 1800 da N = approx 1800 kg "Breaking strain 1800 da N" = 18 k N = approx 1800 kg "Breaking strain 2000 da N" = 20 k N = approx 2000 kg "Breaking load 2500 kg" = approx 25 k N = 2500 da N "Breaking strain conversion weights link 16ozs = 1lb 1 pound = 0.4536kilos 1 kilo = 2.2046lbs 14lbs = 1 stone 1cwt = 112lbs 1 short ton = 2,000 lbs = 0.907 tonne 1 long ton = 20 cwts = 2240 lbs = 1.016 tonnes 1 tonne (metric ton) = 1,000 kg = 0.984 (long) ton = 2204.16 lbs The tonne or metric ton is a metric system unit of mass equal to 1,000 kilograms (2,204.6 pounds) or 1 megagram (1 Mg) Before metrication in the UK the unit used for most purposes was the Imperial ton of 2,240 pounds avoirdupois (usually referred to as the long ton in the US), equivalent to 1,016 kg, differing by just 1.6% from the tonne.

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It would seem that which one was used as drain plug may depend on which side the starter motor is mounted, logically being on the opposite side of the block to provide better access.

frugal mariner advice pages Perkins spare parts UK Perkins motordiesel spare parts UK Perkins maxciforce spare parts UK Marine Enterprises Ltd., secondhand engines, large selection, Dorset marine rebuilds, Dorset, Perkins block, pistons etc 850 T.

This is an excellent free program if you can scan your own charts (stitch them together in Paintshop) then follow the instructions and enter the corner coordinates thus creating your own digital chart from your own paper charts. lunar navigation interactive page navigational algorithms longitude by lunars online essay on lunar distance method sailing simulator about CEVNI CEVNI online self test RYA CEVNI online self test, enable pop up RYA CEVNI online test CEVNI online test through anglia sea ventures guide to International Certificate of Competency Crouch Sailing school guide to International Certificate of Competency Cornish Cruising International Certificate of Competency 175 on own boat Medway Cruising School International Certificate of Competency Costa Brava International Certificate of Competency Colvic Watson 23ft x 8ft 8ins? Sunseeker 27 - 26ft 7ins x 10ft, Colvic Watson 28 - 28ft 6ins x 10ft, Prior Coaster 33 is 32ft 9ins x 10ft 2ins (3.1m), Colvic Atlanta 31ft 6ins x 10ft, Neptunian 33 is 32ft 9ins x 10ft 0ins, Watkins 29 - 28ft 11ins x 10ft 4ins, Kirie 27ft 1ins x 10ft Hurley 9.5 which is surveyed as being 31ft 0ins x 10ft 0ins (9.44m - (30ft 8ins or 31ft with bow roller), by 3.04m) would require 10 metre berth being .04m (2inches) wider then the 3 metres required for 8m x 3m berth, unless the authorities were kind enough to allow to squeeze into an 8m berth which can do depending on the width of the adjoining boats Fisher 30 is 30ft x 9ft 6ins, fits on width, but not on length....

- Westerley Pageant 23ft x 8ft, IP 24 - 24ft x 9ft 1.5ins, Fisher 25, Colvic Watson 26 - 26ft x 8ft 10ins? Seadog 30ft x 9ft 3ins, Morgan Outislander 30 - 29.83ft x 9.16ft, Mariner 31 - 30ft 10ins x 9ft 9ins, Norseman33 - 33ft 0ins x 9ft 4ins, Coronado 35 and Hughes 35, 10.08ft beam but length exceeds the 32ft 9.6ins for 10m mooring.

Morris marine engineers river thames, replacement engines marine engineers Gibraltar engine repair services palma de mallorca Marine Maintenance, Gibraltar Golden Arrow marine engineers Cromwell Industrial Tools UK boat parts and spares UK includes pencil anodes marine parts IP 23 motor sailer (left) and IP 24 right, example with in-mast reefing.

Many variations exist due to differences in fitting out at home, some also have extended keels.

Formula may vary at differing marinas for example La Linea where a berth may be 8m x 8.3m and 10 x 4m etc.

La Linea, near Gibraltar 2013 Ocean Village Gibraltar 2013 Queensway marina Gibraltar 2017 yachty owners favour Gibraltar over Spain Sant Carles marina, rio Ebro Cartagena marina La Manga Palma de Mallorca guide to mallorca marinas can pastilla el arenal colonia st jordi marina port mallorca cruising Balearics palma de mallorca and other places San Carlos marina Ibiza Club Nautic, san antonio, Ibiza small ships register pleasure craft small ships register ONLINE registration for part III includes for change of ownership or change of address small ships register ONLINE change of ownership for part III small ships register form for postal applications, part III de-registering forum MCA bill of sale form watercraft bill of sale form law depot bill of sale form RYA paperwork abroad EHIC, NHS and healthcare abroad Costa Brava sailing school and Gibraltar noonsite, documents you will need yacht sewage treatment Spanish laws on yacht sewage and holding tanks Tides 7 days predictions Admiralty 28 day predictions NOC 1 year predictions Wiley Almanac predictions NOAA USA Imray charts wemar tandem anchors Chandlers and suppliers acastillage-difusion force 4 chandlery gaelforce marine chandlers Chandlery World, has canopy turnbuckles Arthur Beale, chandlers, 194 Shaftesbury Avenue, London mail speed marine seateach, Emsworth Force 4 illustrated catalogue Nauticalia Thames boat gear direct marine megastore chandlers Classic Marine chandlers Davey & co.

CLOCK page 1 page 2 page 3 page 4 page 5 allen art gallery page 1esp page 2esp page 3esp page 4esp time in Oruro time in UK references bolivia news realatlantis latinas editores zingara travel vice ministry culture Bolivia Of Like Mind Atlantis in the Andes atlantis expeditions Luis Atlantis Online Atlantis Rising forum Atlantis links currency converter currency converter bolivianos Delete Facebook Account Zoom Earth n roc rbos rbos card reader barclays metro Express Coach times National Express Eurolines London map multimap

e bookers 814 BA or Virgin or AA via Miami sky scanners, via Miami 806 AA, via Madrid, Lima 800 to 1069 better waiting times airlines baggage allowance free books archive bookstore british library Dr Storage King TEFL jobs Thinkspain jobs Amazon author central Amazon Kindle direct publishing Amazon Create Space print on demand publishing cnvert word to pdf Spanish verb conjugator Dictionary Spanish and others Jobs UK send large files Motorsailers - Husky 24ft, colvic watson 23 or 26 or 28.5, kent classic 8m, fisher 25, Fjord Cs28, fisher 30, Cape Dory 30ft, kemrock channel class, finnsailor 29, finnsailor 35, hurley 9.5 and hurley meridian 31, claymore 30, yachts long keel - macwester 22, macwester 28, Tartan 27, Watkins 27, Morgan outislander 28, Alberg 29, Watkins 29, Bristol 29.9, Formosa 30, Allmand 31, Bombay Clipper 31, Kirie, Hans Christian 33, Hallberg Rassy 35, NAB35, Chris-craft Carribean 35, Irwin 37, Morgan 41, Weather Barcelona world weather today and 10 days in colour my weather Barcelona my weather Cambridge barcelona meteo global sailing weather Windyty animated weather charts Windfinder, flowing arrows and wind strength Tide forecasts ebay UK boats and watercraft ebay UK sailing boats apollo duck site with photos apollo duck Spain mil anuncios yachts Spain apollo duck by country, site with photos houseboat apollo duck Yachtworld search for a boat boats and outboards, motor sailers boats in Holland Noonsite Practical Boat Owner Sailboat Listings U. ebay USA Yachtsnet Yacht Surveys in Europe Boat reviews boat review archives yachtsnet inc brokerage American yacht data boat reviews hull speed = 1.34 x square root of waterline length Noonsite international marinas and advice West Marine articles advice East woodrolfe Tollesbury andyseedhouse woodbridge Eversons boatyard Woodbridge Felixstowe Ferry Boatyardfoxs yachts Ipswich St Olaves boatyard Eastern Yachts boat sales international Brightlingsea topsail acle norfolk bradwell marina interyacht suffolk yacht harbour clarke & carter interyacht suffolk yacht harbour classic yachts for sale, Brightlingsea Titchmarsh marina Walton on Naze heritage marine = M.

J.lewis & son Maldon traditional boats ABMWL boat site and marina inc priory marina Wayford Marine Services, Norfolk, boats and engines Highway Marine, Sandwich Peter Leonard marine, Newhaven Adur boat sales Southwick Sussex Lady Bee Marina Shoreham chichester yacht harbour southsea marina ky brokers Slipway marine, Emsworth deacons boatyard southampton cove Yachts Weymouth Harbour Yachts Poole Harbour Ridgewharf near Poole Harbour Wooden Ships, Dartmouth Torbay Yacht Brokers, at Brixham marina boat sales falmouth yacht brokers exeboatsales retreat boatyard Topsham Plymouth boats for sale Barbican yachts Plymouth Weir Quay gweek quay sunbird marine, junk rig Mike Kay brokerage Channel Islands boat sales Western Horizon Boston marina Goodchild Marine, Burgh Castle Yacht Station, Great Yarmouth Norfolk NR31 9PZ Littleport Boat Haven Hallingbury marina on Stort near Stansted Chiswick marina Leigh marina Benfleet moorings Benfleet Thames towage Heybridge Basin, near Maldon Medway Bridge marina Port Medway marina Gillingham marina Medway estuary mariners boatyard Peter leonard Marine, Newhaven Environment Agency moorings, (Rye), rivers, etc Quay Lane Boatyard Portsmouth Portsmouth moorings Wicor marine, Portsmouth, moorings, storage and containers Fareham marina, Portsmouth, Shoreham Houseboats Weymouth Marina Moorings UK Quay Lane boatyard, Portsmouth moorings Hayling yacht co Shell Bay Marine davis boatyard poole harbour Ridge Wharf wareham dart haven noss marina Baltic wharf Tor Point Yacht Harbour moorings Plymouth moorings weir-quay, river Tamar Wilson's boatyard Chichester Clarke's Boatworks, Portland, Dorset Malpas Marine, Truro, tel 01872 271260 France Waterways map European canals and waterways Boats in Holland boats in Holland new site for houseboats and waterside properties in Holland more boats in Holland multiships Holland more boats Holland Dutch Barge Association: Dutch Barge Association: Boat house sales: Boat house sales: searching by hull type gives you a whole load of floating objects that are for sale, from ships through to concrete bungalows.

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