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I hope there are moderators who can keep civility in these threads, avoiding unpleasant comments like some of the ones below by Anonymous. As a city, Toronto has lack of planning for infrastructure or services for the people who come.

Those who are established and do not have to pay exorbitant rents and/or extract them from others and spend them in their hobbies, are the ones who have a high quality of life.

We represent them at visa posts abroad and judicial bodies in Canada, including the Federal Court of Canada and the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada.

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I literally almost worked myself to death for my last woman.

I underwent major surgery and am in the process of healing my body and spirit, and correcting my thoughts.

If you have kids, a child care crisis: https:// And recently, a gun crisis I wish I had issues like some of these people talking about feminists in the comments. If the men in Toronto come on this random site to whine about women I can only imagine how selfish and ignorant they are in person. I just don't understand how people do it in this city financially.

I'm struggling just to keep afloat and it's not like I'm uneducated or unwilling to work.

RESPECT WOMEN IN CANADA OR ELSE YOU WILL BE REPORTED TO POLICE AND BARRED FROM TORONTO SCHOOL PROPERTY! The only thing I have found that they consistently want is man's money.

They love money and that is the only thing that makes contemporary male/female relationships stay together.If the teacher wants to express herself by taking off her clothes and baring it all at her workplace who are you to judge?It's legal for women to go naked in public in Toronto and the rest of Ontario.Her comment yesterday and this incident happened at the same time so it's more than a co-incidence. your probably just too much of a loser and no woman likes you!Female nudity is not sexual and it surely doesnt affect children.We have already helped thousands of people from all over the world to obtain legal status and make Canada their home.

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