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Japanese characters, which can carry long, complex connotations, also mean that Twitter’s 140-character limit is not as constraining as it is for Anglophones and users who speak other Germanic and Romance languages.Yet Japan has recently become one of the loneliest countries in the world (if you equate “loneliness” with “being single”), where 61 percent of unmarried men and 49 percent of unmarried women aged 18 to 34 were not in any sort of romantic relationship—a 10 percent increase from just a decade ago.

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What Clayton did not touch on is the possibility that the safety and convenience of mediated relationships could overshadow face-to-face relationships.

Japan is the most Twitter-using country in the world on a per capita basis.

In fact, one in three Japanese people under 30 reports never having dated at all.

Maybe Twitter provides an alternate source of oxytocin for some of these single people.

In a mediatized world, the theory goes, real relationships are impossible.

Yet now, seven years after Baudrillard passed away, we have created entire personas mediated through online platforms—Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, etcetera., Twitter use can cause a burnout effect in romantic relationships.When a couple is spending all of their time on social media, they might not be spending as much time with one another.Can we still call love “love” if it’s passing through a screen? Zak, a professor of neuro-economics at the Claremont Graduate University who sometimes goes by “Dr.Love,” has been conducting studies on how relationships maintained over social media differ from relationships in real life.But we can also get that release through Twitter or any social media, really.”Zak recounts a test he ran with the journalist Adam Penenberg, asking him to engage his Twitter followers for 10 minutes.

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