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Kenneth Stevenson Bursar of the University Eliot Franklin Tozer Associate Professor of Drawing Head of Department of Drawing George Francis Ashley Associate Professor of Drawing 14 ^CAULDRON'- Alfred John Ferretti S. Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering Henry Edward Richards S. Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering Roland Guyer Porter B.

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Home address, 110 Cambridge Street, Fall River, Mass- achusetts.

Richard Kelley r * K Born March 9, 1908 at Fall River, Massachusetts.

Home address, 142 Warren Avenue, Boston, Massa- chusetts.

Home ad- dress, 2 Russell Road, Winchester, Massachusetts. Drama- tic Club (1); Freshman Basketball (0; Class Baseball (3); Class Treasurer (2, 3, 4); Chairman of Finance Committee (4); Nomin- ating Committee (2, 3). Mi NAS Stavros Kamilakis Born May 13, 1906 at Candia, Crete, Greece.

Home ad- dress, 77 Center Street, Holbrook, Massachusetts.

39 ™CAULDROH» Bertil William Johnson Born September 20, 1908 at Quincy, Massachusetts.

Secretary and Comptroller of the University Carl Stephens Ell, A.

Vice-President of the University Everett Avery Churchill, A.

Director of Admissions Professor of Economics 12 ™CAULDROH- ^^K ^^^^^^M^H William Lincoln Smith I^H ^^^^^^^H S.

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