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The hospice plan of care is supervised by the hospice provider and the curative plan of care by other IHCP providers.

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In other words, federal regulations and medical record standards prohibit backdating hospice revocations. State Form 48736/OMPP 0006 - The attending physician and the hospice medical director must certify the first hospice benefit period, the medical reason the individual is eligible for hospice, and that the prognosis for life expectancy is six months or less if the illness were to run its course.

The hospice medical director alone can complete and sign the physician certification form for all subsequent hospice benefit periods.

The hospice interdisciplinary team and the curative care team complete this form together, describing both the hospice and curative services to be rendered.

The IHCP expects providers from both teams to interact and coordinate all services.

This practice is consistent with the timeliness requirement that all forms have the required signatures within 10 business days from the start of a hospice benefit period.

State Form 54896 - For reporting on the terminal illness and related conditions of members 20 years of age and younger, when concurrent hospice services and curative treatment are elected.

The Medicaid hospice plan of care requires the signature of the hospice medical director and two additional signatures of the hospice interdisciplinary team members listed on the form.

If the required three signatures are not present, the form will be returned and the start date of hospice authorization will be modified.

State Form 48732/OMPP 0010 - The hospice must complete and submit this form whenever the hospice member has moved from a private home to an institutional setting, from an institutional setting to a private home, or from a prior institutional setting to a new institutional setting.

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