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2008 An introduction to daily life in Palestine by eyewitness Anna Baltzer, a staff person at the U. Campaign for Palestinian Rights and the granddaughter of Holocaust refugees. 2012 In the midst of unrelenting tension, an 11 year-old boy comes of age and finds remarkable cooperation in his own backyard.

This superb and well-organized film is so intimate that it feels like a conversation with the filmmaker. v=T5T7ru2dx QI Little Town of Bethlehem 1¼ hours 2010 Three men in a land tormented by fear, hatred, and division refuse to be enemies and work together to end the cycle of violence. The film’s short length allows time for in-depth discussion.

res=9507E4DB143AF932A35757C0A9649C8B63 The Iron Wall 52 min. 2006 Providing a great historical overview, the film explains how Palestinian land was taken and how settlements work with Interviews with Jeff Halper of ICAHD, among others.

Our films are licensed for personal use and to show to small groups. We wanted to nourish and educate the activist community — but with no agenda, no meeting, no expectations.

We settled on Sunday night films as a good way to do that.

To borrow a film, first read the guidelines below, then email us at [email protected] A couple of examples: We recently sent films to a Presbyterian church in Texas.

One JVP chapter returned a film with a note saying that it had been passed from person to person in their chapter. We will be making more requests in the near future.” Our films have traveled throughout the U. A small group will screen them to decide the ones they want to show; they will then pay the distributer the fee for a large audience who will attend their 4th annual film festival.

Film on Friday nights has been part of this; together we viewed and discussed The Gatekeepers, Where Should the Birds Fly? We hope that you are intrigued and interested in seeing what the Israel/Palestine film library has to offer.

In addition, we’ve organized the films by category (pdf) to make choosing the right film for your group an easier process.

We bring activists together, welcome newcomers, provide a venue for terrific films and help grow the movement.

We have a wide array of films — occasionally with the director in attendance — and share good food and good discussions.

Here’s what they wrote: This will be our 4th Annual Film Festival and we’ve found that in addition to providing some info to our typical Caucasian neighbors, the film festivals provide an important way for Palestinians in our area to meet and reconnect.

We usually show 3 films over 2 days, with Skype, discussions and a free soup supper that is a wonder to behold. Dar is an unpretentious five rooms on the fourth floor of an old building housing various humanitarian organizations in the central part of the city.

2008 “Squeezes nearly one hundred years of history into an hour or so of cinema…exposes the past forty years of Israeli military occupation policies in Jerusalem and their devastating impact on the city and its peoples.” https:// 2011 Explores the system in the Occupied Territories through testimonies of the military legal professionals who were the occupation’s architects and early enforcers.

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