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He used to give me the feeling of a big child who never grows up. It is only 'entertainment news' for the audience to indulge after meals.He never used to care about the outcome, but guys are never 定性, so it is not to blame. After you have finished reading it, you will forget it the next day. Ron is more mature now, and he knows how to deal with things. I personally 都錫 him because we are under the same manager for 7 or 8 years. Once that beauty has surpassed my age limit, I wouldn't mind going through with it. I watched "Dicey Business", and you guys are quite a match.They begin to date but in order to have the case solve, Moses have to date Linda which causes things to be complicated where Ron begin to like Tavia too.

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This part of the article was only posted by because it actually mentions him in it.

In this article, they also asked Tavia for her opinions on Fala Chen, Kate Tsui, Linda Chung, Tracy Ip, and Sharon Luk.

She even try to commit suicide because of the pain is too much for her, in the end after the ups and down, Raymond's parents accepted her and Raymond realize that he love her very much, and so he proposes to her and she said yes.

I would love to watch a sequel to Mystery of Love if there ever will be one because I would love to see their marriage life just like The Hippocratic Crush 2 where I can watch Tavia and Kenneth's marriage life.

As you all know that I am a big fan of Tavia since The Hippocratic Crush.

Here I would like to list Tavia's co-stars and you can comment below which is your favourite co-star/s that you think Tavia is best with. Tavia Yeung and Bosco Wong Heart of Greed and Dicey Business This is an old picture.

I think they make a great couple, again I would love to see this couple on screen again. Even though they were in Men of Shadows, Tavia wasn't pair with Raymond but with Bobby.

I thought the storyline of MOL where rich and poor have to face a lot of obstacles to be together, the scene where Raymond ask Tavia out and she laugh it off thinking that it is a joke, and the scene where Raymond broke her heart because he couldn't face the pressure from his family and her together at once.

It wasn't until the filming of "Moonlight Resonance" that I knew he is actually a crazily fun guy.

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