Russian dating for the married man

"Never ever tell a Russian man he's good-looking," she said, shaking her head.

"Men are already too cocky."Later, I asked Nina what it's like to date in her country.

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Anna laughed as if she found my question quite unexpected and somewhat hilarious.

"No, no," she said quickly as if the very idea of marriage was somehow silly or unnecessary.

" I asked Claire, remembering one of my friends in Seattle, a Siberian-born Russian with extremely high expectations for the men in her life and a strict no-bullsh*t rule when it comes to dating.

An hour later, when we stepped off the plane in Moscow, Anna, the head of marketing for my Russian publisher, greeted me with flowers.

While I have a few girlfriends who have sworn off men for short periods of time (even Taylor Swift reportedly was on a break from dating, though I think I may have just spotted a tabloid pic of her snuggling with a bad-boy DJ—sigh), and I've had my share of I'm-done-with-men-moments in past months, I'd never encountered anything like this.

Women in Russia seemed to not only be at peace with singlehood, they actually seemed to unabashedly it.

"They smoke and drink too much," a woman named Olga in St.

Petersburg shared, adding that many are unfaithful and almost all expect their wives to cook and clean and look perfect while doing it.

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