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It therefore raises eyebrows when suggestions are made to provide prophylactics to prisoners.

Speaking at the closing ceremony of the Fourth Annual Zimbabwe Uniformed Forces Health Services Conference in Victoria Falls recently, Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services (ZPCS) Commissioner-General Retired Major General Paradzai Zimondi proposed mandatory HIV testing of inmates and distribution of condoms in prisons.

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The HIV prevalence rate in jails is 28 percent, almost double the national average of 15 percent.

This high rate coupled with the consequent morbidity, and possibly mortality caused by Aids-related illness puts great pressure on the already limited resources the ZPCS has.

But when Dutee Chand appealed her ban, she may have changed the rules.

"Girls should not wear provocative clothes." "Tight clothes and jeans cause rape." "Good Indian girls cover up." "She was a bit of a loose character anyway." "Cellphones in the hands of women is what is causing trouble." If you live in India, chances are you have heard the above lines.

Conjugal visits are considered a privilege for prisoners who have exhibited good behaviour during their term of incarceration.

In 2015, the Punjab and Haryana High Court in India held that the right of married convicts and jail inmates to have conjugal visits or artificial insemination for pregnancy was a fundamental right.As it stands, the existence of same sex relationships isn’t very clear as the system is designed in such a way that such things can’t be discussed openly.‘‘It could be happening but it’s not for public consumption.In the three years I’ve worked with prisons, however, I’ve never heard of lesbianism taking place,” she said.Having been convicted of theft, Mr Chauke spent several years in prison sharing prison cells with sex starved men.“Although I was personally never violated, sodomy was a common phenomenon that most of us knew was taking place in the prison,” said Mr Chauke.In other countries, married inmates are allowed conjugal visits subject to a variety of considerations such as good behaviour.Yoliswa Dube SOCIETY perceives prison as a place of punishment, the reserve for misfits and rejects.

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